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Choose your sport

Posted on January 10, 2012 , by junowebdesign

There are hundreds of sports we can all get into at some time in our lives.

As Americans we love baseball, softball, Football, soccer, rodeo...the list is endless, but whatever sport you choose to practise, know that one sport can set you up mentally and physically for all the rest and that sport is Wrestling.

Yes believe it or not wrestling can transpire into the many other sports and hobbies available and we're not just talking about physical strength, we're talking about the mental toughness it commands, the respect and self motivation, the focus and overall composure.

All sports offer different skills and techniques as well as rules and fitness levels. The difference with Wrestling is the mental strength you need to keep track of all these points from preparing yourself to meet your opposition to the respect shown between wrestlers when one is taken down. It is a very respectful sport and turn a boy into a man, many of the attributes learnt in wrestling can be used again in other sports and in your every day life.

Mental toughness allows you to cope with the stressful situations in life. It helps you make the right decisions. It also commands a respect for your fellow man.

If wrestling sounds like the kind of sport you would like to start then there are hundreds of clubs and teams around the country providing training and practice for youths and seniors. Its a great sport to get into and has been around for years. There are so many styles and threads of wrestling, so much to choose from and you'll find coaches are incredibly inspiration and supportive, even if you just want to talk to them about taking up the sport and what is involved. And when it comes to wrestling gear, My Wrestling Room is the place to come.

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