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  • Greek Wrestling

    In the Valley of Elis, in western Peloponnesus in Greece, lies and Archaeological site. This site is possibly one of the most important historical sites in the world, because it represents the beginning of sport, the beginning of competition, the beginning of the Olympics. This place is Olympia. Olympia was never built as a town[...]

  • The Wrestling Knight-hood.

    Dickinson High School open their doors and prepare themselves for Knight. We're not talking about the guys in armor, we're talking about Steve Knight, who along side Dickinson's head coach, Bruce Heppner, have set up a 3 day wrestling camp.
    Knight had watched Dickinson win the 2o11 Colorado Excel National Team Camp tournament back in June[...]

  • Wrestling helps acheive in other areas.

    Ross Scheuerman is a rising star at Lafayette College. It was only a month ago that Scheuerman began playing for the Lafayette Football team, the Leopards, he is one to watch out for, one the defense should be worried about, because in four games, Scheuerman has been named Patriot League Rookie for his performance on[...]

Fall in Evergreen Park

A new youth wrestling programme is about to start at Evergreen Park High School, and will be run by a former champion, Vladimir Anoshenko.
Anoshenko is the Belarusian National Champion, is a member of the Belarusian and soviet national teams, is a NJCAA National Champion and was the former assistant coach at Eastern Illinois University.
Dinamo Wrestling[...]

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