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  • Your Future career in Wrestling

    During his junior year at High School, Brian Van Hoven noticed a few odd fans at his wrestling matches. They were Marines Recruiters, and were sat with wrestling coaches and scouts.
    Van Hoven was incredibly skilled at Wrestling, and began the sport very young, under the watchful and encouraging eye of his uncle, a former professional[...]

  • Wrestling in Black and White

    The New Season is upon us, and this possibly means purchasing new wrestling kit including shoes.
    Where fashion hits the high street with trends such as monochrome, the team at My Wrestling Room have picked the best black and white Wrestling Shoes for this season.
    1) AdiSTAR Beijing Wrestling Shoe, originally built for the Beijing Olympics, this[...]

  • Wrestlers remember 9/11.

    Most of the world remembers what they were doing and where they were on that fateful day 10 years ago. As 9/11 approaches, thousands upon thousands will be remembering friends, families and victims that for no fault of their own, fell foul of the events that day.
    There were 2996 casualties from the horrific event. 343[...]

Wrestling on the red carpet.

Vision Quest hit the big screens way back in 1985. This film tracks the life of Louden Swain, who just turns 18 and wants to set himself high goals and carry on his wrestling to fight against Brian Shute, who at the time is the best High School Wrestler in Washington.
Taylor Lautner, who you possibly[...]

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