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Best Wrestling Headgear

Posted on August 19, 2012 , by wrestling

Best Wrestling HeadgearWhat is the best wrestling headgear for you? There are a lot of different styles of wrestling headgear, so choosing the right kind can be tough. Fortunately, once you know the basics, finding a great headgear match can be easy. Things to keep in mind include shape, strap style, brand and material. The shape of the ear guard is the most recognizable characteristic of a pair of headgear. For those inclined to nostalgia, headgear with round ear guards is the classic style. Newer styles aspire to be more ergonomic and tend to be triangular.

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The strap style of headgear is also important. Most headgear has a double strap system over the top of the head, but recently an alternative has emerged in single-strap headgear. Single-strap headgear, such as the Cliff Keen Twister, Adidas Extero, and Matman Halo, has a wider strap to keep the headgear secure on a wrestler’s head. Both styles enjoy widespread use, but most wrestlers enjoy one or the other. Another consideration is material. Headgear can be hard or soft, rubber or fabric. Both kinds protect the ears equally well, the difference lies in the comfort for the wrestler. Some headgear is filled with gel for additional comfort.

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