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  • Wrestling Knee Pads: The Question of Performance

    Among the wrestling community there is a perennial debate on the value of knee pads for wrestling.  While the importance of knee pads for those with injury is unquestioned, and some wrestlers opt to wear a knee pad as protection for their knee, many wrestlers wear knee pads on the basis that they improve performance[...]

  • Intro to Wrestling Singlet

    Wrestling Singlets History
    A singlet is tantamount with the sport of wrestling. Singlets for wrestling are a fairly recent development within the sport, but have since become one of the major identities of the sport of wrestling. Before the singlet, which became poplar in the 70s, wrestlers typically wore tights or spandex with out a top. In[...]

  • Favoritve Wrestling Shoes

    Asics or Adidas Wrestling Shoes?

    When it comes to wrestling shoes, each wrestler has a different preference for what brand of shoe he or she will wear. Some are diehard Asics wrestling shoes fans while others arediehard Adidas wrestling shoes fans. There are some other wrestling shoe manufacturers out there such as Nike, Matman and Brute, but[...]

New Wrestling Shoe Colors

Thoughts on New Wrestling Shoe Colors
 With another wrestling season past and another one fast approaching, wrestling shoe manufactures are hurrying to get their new shoes on the market. This year there are many new shoes as well as improvements on past wrestling shoes. These  new and improved shoes feature many new colors, styles, and designs[...]

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