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Always learn from your mistakes

Posted on December 5, 2011 , by charley

Oshkosh West Wrestling Squad was disappointed with their performance in Fox Valley Association tournament, which put a dampener on their seasons. But from this they have taken many positives, learning to have the utmost optimism for upcoming tournaments and fighting duals.

This time last year they were storming through the FVA without a single loss in the dual-meeting season, which included a superb 40-27 victory over the defending six time conference champions Kaukauna, which gave them the perfect opportunity to win the school’s first FVA title since 1975. But unfortunately Oshkosh just missed winning the FVA tournament which lead them to coming up short of winning the conference.
But from this they haven’t been stricken with negativity but have take on the positives of the previous season and have made them their mantra.

"It was disappointing at the end of last season not having a great conference tournament," West coach Jared Esala said. "That (dual meet) win against Kaukauna last year what has given the team the confidence it has right now, but they also understand they have to finish the season."

With this, the Wild Cats are looking to finish their season with the way it started, they have a big enough squad filled with experience to do it, so it should be something that is relatively easy to accomplish.

"The team is optimistic at this point," Esala said. "I think feeling going into the season as far as the team is concerned more confident than the beginning of last season."
Due to the new wrestling weight classes Esala has found it difficult to find new classes for each of his fighters to wrestle in.

"We really have a whole lot of varsity-caliber kids between 120 and 138 pounds which means there's going to be varsity-caliber kids that aren't going to wrestle varsity," Esala said. "The lineup continuing to shape itself and it might take a few weeks for that develops.” Esala goes on to say, “I think if we can spread out guys are stuck in weight classes, we should have a better team than we should have last year."

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