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Adidas Wrestling Shoes

Posted on August 10, 2012 , by wrestling


Adidas is a world wide leader in sports equipment. They manufacture equipment from baseball cleats to wrestling shoes and everything in between. With so much experience in sports equipment it is not mystery why adidas wrestling shoes are so popular. Their popularity is due to their superior innovation, style, and comfort of there wrestling shoes. The reason that Adidas has become a leading supplier in the wrestling world is because of there extensive knowledge and exposure to a variety of different sports. This exposure allows them to test different technologies and idea across a wide variety of sports and see how it functions and if it performs its duty. Take the Adidas patented ClimaCool technology. This technology was originally designed for tennis shirts to allow better airflow when tennis players hit the ball. After realizing how useful and beneficial it was, they decided to modify it and integrate it into many of their products from soccer jerseys to running shoes, including the Adidas Bejing Wrestling Shoe.  This is just one instance of there innovations crossing over different sports, but it is exactly what leads them to produce superior products.


We think it is safe to say that Adidas is one of the boldest wrestling shoe designers, if not the boldest. There styles and color schemes are always one to grab your attention and make you wonder. Lately, Adidas has been adding to their boldness with more funky colors and designs.  The original adidas combat speed wrestling shoes were one of their first attempts at putting colorful shoes on the market. While at the time, the shoe color was not a big hit, now it is flying off the shelves. The new color scheme of the AdiZero sydney wrestling shoe was inspired by the original combat speed.It will be interesting to see what other crazy and funky ideas they come up with for wrestling shoes adidas.

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